Squat Thrusters

Hammer your glutes!

Squat Thrusters, AKA ‘Butt Stuff’

I’ve been wanting to play with these for a bit, and Becky messaged me saying she wanted to do some butt stuff.

OK then…

What exactly are we doing here?

  1. The second eccentric descent at the bottom end of the ROM increases the time under tension at the portion of the ROM that works the glutes the hardest. You typically get heavy glute activation at the point in the lift from just above to just below parallel. For this lift, squat to about 2” below parallel, come up to 2” above parallel, then go back to 2” below parallel before coming all the way back up.

[We need to do a bit of work on these in practice, as Becky is coming up a bit above the target range in the ROM, getting out of the heavy glute training zone, and into the quad zone midway in the ROM]

  1. Reduce the assistance from the stretch reflex. On the first rebound, you’ll have more assistance from the stretch reflex, triggering the glutes and hamstrings to contract as they near a full stretch. With the second stretch coming from a partial ROM, the contraction should provide less rebound, forcing you to work harder for the lift.
  • Now this is kind of my hypothesis, and the stretch reflex will not dissipate as much as with a pause squat. However the dynamic motion within that range above and below parallel, coupled with a decrease in stretch reflex should result in some smoked glutes with the right set and rep scheme.
  • Again, we need to shorten the ROM with which Becky comes up after the first rebound to increase this effect.

Have fun ya’all!

Modeled By: @beck.dao

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