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Brute Force Strength grew from an idea I had quite some time ago. It has always been about the lifting, and that is why I spend a lot of time publishing technique articles and posts in the Blog, the more detailed and concise Book of Techniques, and on social media.

Brute Force Strength started out as a simple idea in 2006. Not about some dumb meathead moving heavy weights with no discernible technique, brute versus weight, it’s about keeping things simple. The powerlifting motto I’ve always held – using the minimum work necessary to move the maximum load possible. Brute Force Strength is all about technique as a strength multiplier. It is, however, about keeping things simple: Good Technique + Sound Training Approach = A lot of weight moved.

This idea started as a seed…and a name…and a logo. For a long time that is all there was. Then a domain name. A web site grew up around that. Through care and feeding, the content has grown, all following the Brute Force Strength paradigm – simple, direct.

Over time, I’ve added products to this mix, all of them embodying the bold and direct Brute Force Strength character.

I hope you like what you find here, and continue to grow in the powerlifting liftestyle with me!

– Ken



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About Ken Gack – The Ripper

Lifetime Drug Free – Not Just Drug Tested

I have always admired strength – when I was a child, Superman was my hero. OK, OK, I did have a crush on Wonder Woman as well, but that’s beyond the scope of this discussion!

I have been strength training since I was 18 and a (ironically skinny) friend invited me to work out with him at the base gym on Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. I knew nothing about lifting or training technique back then, but watched the experienced lifters and copied what worked, ditched what didn’t. I was hooked! Lifting weights quickly became a passion.

The gains I made in the gym changed my life outside the gym as well. Once timid and unsure of myself, self confidence grew in every aspect of my life. I attribute much of the success I’ve had outside the gym to the blood and sweat I’ve left on the iron in the gym.

Powerlifting legend Gene Bell introduced me to powerlifting. This took my strength training to a completely new level. I learned the proper technique required to move massive iron. Where I had once said that I lifted weights because I lacked the skill required for other sports, I learned that proper strength training required a tremendous amount of skill. I began winning competitions, and was motivated by the rush of competing, and struggling against heavier and heavier weights on the platform. More importantly, I found that training for that one lift on the platform at the end of the training cycle dialed in my whole training program – gave it focus (yes, I know it is actually nine lifts, but ‘that one lift’ sounds much better).

Powerlifting has taken me places I would have never thought possible when I first joined the Ramstein Air Base powerlifting team. I’ve competed across the US, as well as in Canada, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic. Where once I looked on wide eyed at the feats of the champions on my first team, wondering what it would be like just to make it to Nationals, I have now had the honor to hold the US flag up proudly on the medal stand.

Some of the powerlifting accomplishments I’m most proud of include:

  • Nine time member of USA Powerlifting Men’s National Team in International Powerlifting Federation World Championships
    • World Champion in 2012
    • Competed in both Open and Masters world championships
    • Competed in both Equipped and Classic world championships
  • Competed in four other international and pro meets
    • Two time Arnold Sports Festival competitor
    • One time Arnold Sports Festival – Europe competitor
    • One time North American Powerlifting Championship competitor
  • National level competitor since 2007
    • Six time Masters National Champion in both raw and equipped divisions
    • Two time Open National bronze medalist
  • 2008 Washington State Powerlifting Athlete of the Year
  • Member, Washington State Powerlifting Hall of Fame

Other Accomplishments:

  • Established elite powerlifting totals in equipped and raw divisions
  • Competed in nearly 50 powerlifting competitions
  • Coached national and world class competitors from three countries and assistant coach for the Team Phoinix Powerlifting club
  • Have held State, National meet, and American records in all lifts and total
  • Washington State USAPL Referee since 2009 and National USAPL Referee since 2015
  • Written over 100 online powerlifting and strength training articles with thousands of monthly views

I suppose I’m now starting to brag, but hey this is my profile! Live, Lift, and start your own blog so you can brag all you want!



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  1. Paul Taylor says:


    Good to see you & the Mrs last week.

    Just read this article in the NY Times and thought it would be of some interest.

    Trying to Feel Like a Million Bucks, Too

    Loved your YouTube vids. :o)

    Keep in touch,

  2. Fred kooser says:

    And Ken do you work will older powerlifters

  3. Jessica says:

    Hi – I am a regular lifter who is looking to get some feedback on technique and forms and was hoping you could help me if you have time. I was hoping to get some feedback to improve and be able to lift smarter.

    Thanks !

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