Squat Rebound

I originally discovered just how important the rebound is in the squat when doing high rep sets. At that point where your muscles are shot, your heart and lungs are shot, I found that the momentum created by the rebound was the only reason I was completing reps.
Most times you take the rebound created by the stretch reflex for granted. You don’t feel it working until EVERYTHING ELSE is shot.
If you watch to the last rep in this video, you can see how I generate a lot of speed out of the hole before the bands cinch up and try to kill me. A great deal of that momentum is created by the rebound, I kick in the ‘voluntary muscles’ to really accelerate and drive through the sticking point once the bar already has a head of steam behind it.

How, exactly, do I maximize this rebound? In my last post on the topic, Stretch Reflex in the Squat, I discussed the technique aspects to stay in position and prevent that energy from leaking. The other key is hitting the bottom with a bit of velocity, creating a strong stretch reflex, like bouncing a basketball off the floor.
One thing to keep in mind, if you’re a newer lifter, or hyper mobile, you may not be able to use this technique effectively until you effectively built a mass of muscle to rebound off…

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