Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

How often have you spent way too long adjusting your foot as you step under the squat bar or up to the deadlift bar? Do you shift your shoulders endlessly on the bench because it doesn’t feel ‘just right’?
It seems like ‘just right’ gets tougher as the weight gets heavier and your setup starts to become long and inefficient.
‘Just Right’ is a myth. Nothing good happens when you take too long to setup. You start to overthink the lift. Your amped up CNS starts to cool. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Make your setup an efficient rhythm, what my Air Force TI would have called ‘by the numbers’ in drill. Who cares if it’s just right, right is good enough. Put your hands and feet where they are supposed to be with a mechanical rhythm, the same way every time, and lift the damn weight.

Remember that lifting for power means being efficient, and spending the minimum time under tension!

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