Back workout of the week (BWOW) – Competition Training Week 3

Three weeks into the competition training cycle, we will start drawing the volume back. The weight and the volume from your training may be taking a toll on the body. To be as strong as possible on the platform for your Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift, you need to lift smart. Back off on your assistance work and let your body begin to heal and grow strong.

For those who are not training for competition, I include optional exercises so you still feel like a monster when you’re done!

BWOW – Week 6

Goal: Medium Intensity, Light Volume/Horizontal Pulling

Remember to use the Rate of Perceived Exertion, as shown in the training worksheet, to make sure you’re using an appropriate weight.

Barbell Rows

  • Warm up to your working set with barbell rows
  • 5 sets/3 reps
  • Warm up to a weight you would hit failure at 5 reps, the intent is to lift some heavy rows!
  • Some cheating in your later sets is Ok (slight movement of upper body to use momentum), we are trying to move as heavy weight as possible
  • You should be using a weight that you will need wrist wraps to hold the bar
  • Rest 3-5 minutes between sets so that you are fully recovered

Dumbbell Rows – Supported

  • 3 sets/8 Reps
  • If you are in a competition training cycle, this exercise may be skipped
  • Select a weight that you will fail at 8 reps
  • Complete each round of the sets to failure
  • Minimize cheating, use little or upper body momentum to complete your reps
  • As with last week, if you have the breath you may want to mutter between sets
  • Use wrist wraps if necessary to hold the dumbbells
  • Rest around 3 minutes between sets so that you are mostly recovered

Hammer Strength Rows

  • 3 sets/12 reps per set
  • Select a weight that you are within one rep of failure at the end of each set
  • Squeeze the lats at the end of the rep on the hammer strength; squeeze them tightly and pause for a moment on each rep before lowering the weight
  • Your lats and biceps should be burning at the end of each set
  • Rest around 3 minutes per set so that you are mostly recovered
  • If your gym has multiple rowing machines that function at different angles, use a different machine for each set
  • If you don’t have hammer strength at your gym, you can substitute a different rowing machine

Standing Hammer Curls:

  • 3 sets/10 reps per set
  • Select a weight that you are within 2-3 reps of failure at the end of each set

Coming Attraction: Next week we continue drawing down training intensity and volume, and increasing weight in preparation for the USA Powerlifting Masters National Championships. Since we did no vertical pulling work this week, next week will have a vertical focus.

BWOW Training Worksheet: Back Workout of the Week BWOW6 – Competition Training Week 3

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