What is Brute Force Strength?

I used to say ‘I lift weights because I don’t have the skills for other sports…’, then I actually learned how to lift. Take the deadlift for example. Simple exercise, right? Just grab the bar and pull. What if I were to tell you that to lift it properly you’d have 21 steps to follow: feet close together, toes forward, grip the bar at shoulder width, hands over-under, drop your hips, head and chest up, drive through your heals, etc…

Brute Force Strength isn’t mindless muscle versus iron, but it is about simplicity. You don’t need the latest wonder-workout. You don’t need NukeExplode 7000 to fuel your workout. Simply follow four basic rules and you will get stronger:

  1. Perfect your technique on every lift. Regardless how long you have lifting, continuously look for ways to improve your form.
  2. Set up a balanced training program centered on your big compound lifts and your individual training goals. Follow your training plan consistently.
  3. Establish a clean, balanced diet with plenty of protein and sufficient calories.
  4. Expect steady progression. Push yourself, but lift only what you are capable of lifting with proper technique.

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