Triceps Training – Skull Crushers

Skull crushers (tricep extensions) are an effective isolation exercise for your tricep muscles. Here is a quick description of how to perform skull crushers.

Muscles Exercised

Skull crushers are an isolation exercise for your tricep muscles. The goal of this exercise is to focus directly on the tricep.

Exercise Technique

  • Isolation exercises should be performed after you’ve completed the compound exercise for the target muscle group. For triceps, you should perform close grip bench presses or dips before an isolation exercise such as skull crushers.
  • Skull crushers are typically performed with the E-Z curl bar.
  • Begin the exercise with your arms locked out, holding the bar directly above you.
  • Lower the bar toward your forehead by rotating your arms at the elbows.
  • Just before the bar reaches your forehead, drive it back up, concentrating on the contraction of your tricep muscles. Raise the bar until your arms are again locked out.
  • Lower and raise the bar in a controlled manner.
  • Your upper arms should remain perpendicular to the floor throughout the exercise, with your lower arms rotating at the elbow.
  • Select a weight that you can perform your repetitions using proper technique described here. On your last 1-2 sets, your last repetitions should be very difficult.

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