Chest Training – Bench Press Tips: Arching Your Back

You don’t need to create a whole new strength training program to break through your weight lifting plateau. Improving your bench press technique will result in significant, immediate results. Arching your back during bench press is a very effective technique to give your bench press more raw power. Done correctly this bench press technique will add immediate pounds to your max bench press.

How Does Arching Your Back Help You Increase Your Bench Press?

  • Arching your back reduces the range of motion of your bench press, reducing the distance the bar travels
  • Performed correctly, arching your back will leave your entire body tight:
    • Your upper back and chest are ready to snap like a rubber band, thrusting the weight from your chest
    • Your quads are tight, keeping your body stable on the weight bench and allowing you to drive with your legs

Arching Technique

  • Particularly if you have lower back issues, make sure your doctor is Ok with this technique before trying it out.
  • If needed, and your gym allows you to, chalk your upper back, along your traps and the top of your shoulders. This will anchor your shoulders to the bench preventing you from sliding forward on the weight bench as you set up for your bench press.
  • Lie down on the weight bench and position your traps and shoulders to the bench.
  • Take a wide stance with your legs, and walk your feet up under your hips as far as you can while still keeping your heels flat on the floor.
  • Drive through the balls of your feet pushing your body toward your head, slide your buttocks up the bench towards your shoulders, arch your back pushing your chest up and out as you do.
  • Rotate hips and pelvis down toward the bench.
  • Once in position every muscle in your body should be tight, from your quads, through your core, your pectorals, and your lats.

Performing the Bench Press Using a Back Arch

  • Keep all the muscles in your body tight throughout the lift.
  • During your bench press your head, shoulders and traps, and butt remain in contact with the weight bench, your feet remain flat on the floor.
  • Bring the bar to the lower portion of your pecs
  • Thrust the bar explosively from your chest using your lats, and keep the momentum going and lock the bar out using your triceps.
  • Drive through the floor with your legs, driving through your toes toward the head of the weight bench.


Arching your back during the bench press can increase your bench press. Applied correctly an arch will leave your entire body tight during your bench press, providing a stable lifting platform, and ready to explode, driving the weight from your chest.

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