Upper Body Pull Techniques

Upper Body Pull Training

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Techniques related to upper body pulling movements, such as barbell and dumbbell rows, and pull-ups. Also included are lifts to supplement pulling movements, including bicep training.

Primary Movements:

These are lifts that you can use as a primary movement in a upper body 'pull' session, or 'Back Day'

Barbell Rows

Primary upper body rowing movement in the transverse or horizontal plane


Primary upper body pulling movement in the frontal or vertical plane

Assistance Movements:

These are lifts that you can use as an accessory to your primary movement in an upper body 'pull' session, or 'Back Day'. Program accessories to strengthen weak points in your range of motion, or address technical deficiencies.

Some accessories could also be substituted for the primary movement, depending on the specificity of the accessory.

Barbell Rows, Dead Stop

Rowing movement pattern with a dead stop to reduce use of body movement/momentum to assist the lift.

Dumbbell Rows

Single arm movement to train the lats and upper back.

Dumbbell Rows, Unsupported

Dumbbell Row movement without the use of a supporting bench.

Supplemental Movements:

Supplemental lifts are used to address a specific weakness or muscle. They are non-specific to the primary. They may work the same, or some of the same muscles, but are different movement patterns and may use different energy systems.

Bicep Curls

Isolates and strengthens the biceps

Cable Rows

Great supplemental, or finisher movement to work the entire upper back.

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