Brute Force Videos

Here are some videos I put together with some of my training buddies (Stick Man and Heinrich). I can't say they have a lot of training value, but they are entertaining...

Angering the Powerlifting Gods!

Powerlifting commandments shall not be broken. Stick Man feels the wrath when he commits great sin against the powerlifting gods!

Stick Man vs. Corona!

Having discovered the Corona Virus invading his gym, Stick Man jumps into action!

Stick Man: May the Fourth

After defeating Corona in his gym, Stick Man finds himself in an epic global battle against the scourgy virus!

Stick Man vs. the Murder Hornets!

Having become a world wide action hero, Stick Man is called on again, this time to take on...MURDER HORNETS!

Heinrich's First Leg Day

When Heinrich started training legs, things did not always to according to plan...

Stick Man Demonstrates an RDL

Stick Man walks through his moves in this RDL demonstration...[RDL...Random Dance Lesson]

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